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7 Key Considerations For Career Selection

It is amazing to think that there was once a time when people did not have to choose their careers, instead, they fell right into them. Ah, lucky Millennials.

Their career was based on 2 things only i.e. to provide shelter, and to support them. That is all. Can you believe it?

No, right?

However, for us poor beings, our career is not a means to an end, instead, it is our future. A lot of people in our generation struggle to choose a career. You would be shocked to know that only 1/3rd of UK employees are content with their jobs.

Finding the perfect employment is vital for our happiness. Thus, we have to make several considerations before we face the music of our chosen career.

Planning ahead of time will help you a lot to end up in your dream career. It helps you decide what you study, what skills to learn, how far to go with your academics, etc.

Can’t comprehend where to start and what things to consider?

Fret not, as in this blog, we will reveal 7 key considerations when choosing a career to secure your future.

Let us dive right in!

Consider The Following Things Before Selecting A Career

Your Interests And Passion:

Many people consider their interests and passions first thing when they select a career. You should do the same. Think about what you love doing and what your hobbies are. For instance, if you love fashion, then a career in styling or designing might be perfect for you.

Moreover, it is also important to note that your interests do not directly have to match your dream career. Say, for example, if you love creativity, then instead of becoming a graphic designer, you can also opt to provide a CV writing service. Both of these careers have a lot in common. The difference is one has to communicate through art, and the other shows their creativity by using words.

Preferences And Lifestyle:

Another thing that is worth considering is your lifestyle and preferences when selecting a career. Ponder on whether you prefer working in a team or alone. Or do you like working from home or on campus? Things like these are crucial to landing a perfect job for yourself.

Moreover, people with children often prefer working in places that offer child care or opt for flexible working hours. So, if you are expecting a child, or planning to start your family, then we suggest you opt for a career that offers good paternity/maternity leaves along with good childcare options.

Working hours must not be ignored while making your decision. Some occupations require more dedication and time as compared to others. For instance, waste disposal professionals, gardeners, and house helpers have longer working weeks as compared to corporate workers. 

Review Your Educational Costs And Training:

When it comes to your career, every occupation is different from the other. Especially when it narrows down to training and education requirements. Some careers require internships and certification, some need a minimum of a graduation degree. Whereas, some professions, require you to have a certain number of hours as a resident.

As you continue to clip down your list of potential careers, it is best to know how much training and schooling will be required of you to get a certain occupation. This evaluation will assist you to start to create a rough timeline in your mind.

Skills And Qualifications:

The skills that you possess and your qualifications play a huge role when you are selecting or planning your career. This is because many job positions require certain skills or qualifications from their potential employees. For instance, you wish to become the best CV writers in Dublin, but you don’t have any marketing, leadership, problem-solving skills or even writing skills. How are you going to become one?

Of course, this does not mean that your future is determined from the second you start studying. You can always gain new qualifications or change your direction whenever you want. However, it is crucial to have a realistic mindset about your open options and the amount of work you will have to do.

Your Personality:

Although it might not seem relevant, but, trust us on this one. You must be wondering why your personality should be considered before you select your career. We will explain it to you.

Say, for instance, you are an extrovert, and you choose a field that requires you to work alone away from people. You won’t get to make new friends, let alone socialize. Such a career will be your absolute nightmare. Alternatively, if you are an introvert, then a fast-paced environment, where you have to meet and communicate with a lot of people might make you want to jump off of a cliff.

The Job Market And Its Future Prospects:

It is fascinating how the job market has changed in the past 4 decades. Many popular careers of that time no longer exist now. It suggests that with time, many recent jobs will also cease to serve the people. Therefore, it is better to consider the job market and its prospects when you select a career. By doing so, you will make sure that these opportunities will serve you in the future as well.

For instance, milkmen used to deliver milk long before pasteurized milk or refrigerators became common. People used to survive on this job only. Think of it now. How much a milkman would be paid if he started delivering milk to people’s houses now? Since technology has advanced, this occupation is long gone.

Some industries grow swiftly, including renewable energy, wireless technology, and artificial intelligence. So, it won’t be a bad idea to consider which field offers more security for your future.

Earning Potential:

Of course, we understand that money is not everything, and one must not get a job only because it pays well. However, it is a consideration that you must think about because it will have a huge impact on your way of living.

Along with all the above-mentioned points, the salary potential must not be ignored. Because at the end of the day, you would want to ensure that you are earning well enough to support yourself and your family easily.

Summing It All Up:

There you have it, a detailed list of all the things that you must consider while selecting a career. There are limitless career options, so don’t shy away from evaluating your skills, and opt for the position that makes your heart happy. Always remember that regardless of how old you get, it is never too late to change your field. You can always re-train yourself for a career that provides you with the financial as well as emotional rewards that you deserve.

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