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10 LinkedIn Profile Tips For New Job Seekers

Are you searching for a job? Well, it can be daunting. From those extravagant offices to those small and confined interview rooms to those not-so-friendly-looking hiring managers, everything gives you chills, doesn’t it?

How about we tell you the key to landing your dream job? Is that possible? What is it?

Plot Revealing Information – Your LinkedIn profile! All in all, it is a free personal branding channel. Recruiters and employers can visit your profile. It can enhance the chances of them considering you for the position by seeing your qualifications, goals, passions, or anything that catches their attention.

This world’s largest professional networking platform has become a go-to resource for hiring managers and recruiters. So, if you want them to notice you, you have to invest your time and effort into your profile.

Don’t know where to begin? Count your blessings because we are about to change that. In this blog, we have specifically shared some expert tips for your LinkedIn profile. So, start right now!

LinkedIn Tips – Guaranteed Ways To Stand Out From The Competition

Use A Professional Headshot

Have you ever heard the phrase that goes, “1st impressions last long”? It goes well with your LinkedIn profile picture. Whenever a recruiter visits your profile, your profile picture is most probably the first thing they will see. So, make sure to use a professional headshot that is high in resolution and well-lit.

It must reflect a certain level of professionalism that is expected in your field of job. Say, for instance, you provide a CV writing service, so your LinkedIn profile picture should be a bit decent. Whereas, if you are a designer, then a funky, colorful picture might be your best bet.

Add New Skills To Your Profile

Adding relevant skills to your profile can enable hiring managers to find you more easily. More than 90 percent of the candidates having five or more skills listed on their LinkedIn account landed a job within three months. Shocking, right?

Taking that into notice, there is one thing that you must know. Mm, what is it? Spoiler alert – using the right words, silly! Words like “motivated”, “skilled”, “passionate”, and “creative” are no longer sufficient. Thus, steer clear of such words to make sure that your profile looks memorable.

Follow The Companies You’re Interested In

If you want to stay updated on industry news, participate actively in conversations. In this way, you will learn about new job opportunities seamlessly. So, follow the people from the companies you are interested in, as they might post blogs or updates about the company.

Not only will it help you learn about the vacancies, but it will also help you strengthen your network. Brilliant! We think it is a win-win situation. What do you think?

Keep Adding New Connections

Expand your network as much as possible to become more visible. Put your leg in the door at new companies and reveal yourself to new job openings. Eighty-seven percent of people on LinkedIn who landed new positions quickly have added ten or more connections within three months.

So, supposedly, anyone who works in industries or for companies that interest you can be your connection. Chew over it: Aren’t your connection requests on LinkedIn filled with strangers? Well, now you know the reason.

Join LinkedIn Groups For Your Industry

Groups are an excellent way to network. They allow you to look for new job opportunities or ask questions from fellow group members. More than 80 percent of candidates who got a job from this networking platform within three months of joining participated in groups actively. Thus, it is evident that LinkedIn groups are a perfect place to foster connections.

Set Up Jobs Alerts

Picture this – you spend hours and hours, every day, conducting job searches by manually logging in to your LinkedIn account. What a waste of time when you can have great opportunities delivered straight to your inbox. Is that so?

Yes, most definitely. By setting up job alerts, you sign up to be among the first people who hear about new opportunities that match well with your criteria. Awesome!

Show You Are Open To Work

Mostly, opportunities find you themselves on LinkedIn. However, to enhance the number of possibilities, try enabling the #OpenToWork option on your profile. It is an excellent way of showing hiring managers that you are actively hunting for job opportunities.

As a consequence, a lot of recruiters will knock on your door, offering you jobs without you having to do any donkeywork. Thus, you will never have to go through another job-hunting phase ever again. What a relief!

Don’t Waste The Summary Space

Preferably, your summary must not exceed 3 to 5 short paragraphs. Use a bulleted section in the middle of your summary space. It must guide the readers through your critical skills, work passions, qualifications, and a list of industries you have been exposed to over time.

If you don’t know what to write in your summary space, then try getting help from a LinkedIn profile writing service in Ireland. These experts will guide you to the best and make your profile much more appealing.

Avoid Buzzwords Like The Plague

Quick question – what do the terms “effective”, “creative”, “analytical”, “responsible”, “expert”, “drive”, “innovative”, etc. have in common? Think, think! That is right! They are some of the most widely used buzzwords throughout LinkedIn. Come on now! We are sure that you can be more “innovative” than that!

Stay Active

Lastly, staying active on LinkedIn as much as possible is vital. Engage with professionals, share relevant content, and participate in discussions. By doing so, you will remain heads and shoulders above the completion in your field.

What profile sections should I add to my LinkedIn profile?

To make your LinkedIn profile stand out, consider adding these crucial profile sections:

  1. Professional profile photo.
  2. Gripping summary.
  3. Summary of industry experience, qualifications, and expertise.
  4. List of key skills for endorsements.
  5. Strong headline.

How to write a LinkedIn summary for job seekers?

The summary must be free of fluff and easy to read. It should be pretty straightforward and highlight your relevant experiences and skills. Make sure to use simple language that everyone can understand easily. Use this section as an opportunity to display your accomplishments and showcase your expertise.

What is the best profile headline?

Do not use extreme exaggeration to make your point. By doing so, you might come across as a person who behaves like Mr. /Ms. Know-it-all. If you want to sound genuine, then try to steer clear of terms like “competent”, “efficient”, “gifted”, “expert”, etc. in your profile headline.

What is a good picture for LinkedIn?

The picture you put on your LinkedIn account must be a close-up, professional shot. It would be best if your face takes up at least 60 percent of the frame. Avoid a bright or busy background, and make sure that the background is not too empty as well. And you are good to go.

Go Straight From Connected To Hired In A Couple Minutes

The tips mentioned above significantly enhance your chances of landing your dream job. The best part? All of them are quick and simple. Thus, they won’t require you to do much. Awesome!

Remember that the more effort you put into hunting for a job through this networking platform, the better the opportunities you will come across. The good news is that you can perform all of this straight from your laptop. Indeed, job hunting has never been so easy!

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