The 10 Most Common CV Mistakes To Avoid

Imagine your potential HR in a bustling coffee shop, where she anxiously sips her latte while scrolling through your resume for a job opening. As she scans through your document—repetitive mistakes make her cringe. From poorly formatted layouts to embarrassing typos, it’s a minefield of your missed opportunities. But don’t worry! This guide will unveil the ten most common CV mistakes you must avoid to stand out from the crowd and land that dream job.

10 Common Mistakes That Are Hurting Your Job-Hunting Process

Using A Universal CV

The most common mistake that most candidates usually commit is using a universal CV. When looking for a job, they apply for multiple open seats with a generic resume. Understand that you’re competing with many candidates, and a dozen of them must have submitted their tailored resumes. A recruiter will give an interview call to an individual whose skills will perfectly align with their required criteria. Therefore, analyze the job ad, pick targeted words, and naturally incorporate them into your curriculum vitae.

Targeted Words Stuffing

Connecting to the above point, pick targeted words from the job ad and incorporate them into your resume. Several companies are leveraging applicant tracking systems for shortlisting a pile of curriculum vitae. Besides, many candidates are stuffing their resumes with chosen keywords to pass through the scanning system and reach the human recruiter. But here comes the problem, several applicants get overwhelmed and repeatedly use keywords, thus decreasing the quality. Keep in mind that you not only have to make your document friendly for the ATS but also the human HR.

Making Wild Claims

Writing phrases like ‘Best writer in Europe’ or ‘Most successful salesman in the field’ may sound perfect for the BBC tagline. However, it may sound a bit off in the real world, and such claims are also nearly impossible to prove. Avoid making such wild claims as they may fail to make you appear authentic and credible for the position.

Instead, use real-life examples or facts to prove your credibility and success. If you don’t know how to do it, outsourcing to any leading CV writing service Ireland is always an option. The career experts and professional writers will deliver a job-winning resume to help you stand out from the other candidates.

Inappropriate Email Address

Another common mistake that most candidates neglect is using an inappropriate email address. [email protected] or [email protected] may feel catchy, but it might throw your recruiter off. Your email address may be the first thing HR may notice, so use an appropriate one. Always prefer using the one with your official name.

Creating a brand new one costs nothing if you don’t have such an email address. Besides, registering a domain on your real name and including that as your email address is another excellent way. Your impressive piece of real estate on the world wide web may make a splash in front of a potential employer.

Big Chunks Of Undigestible Text

We understand while trying to secure a specific job; you might feel tempted to put everything out on the recruiter’s plate. But you must know that they must pass their gaze through dozens of documents to select one or two candidates. In such a case, they are on a strict schedule and wouldn’t spend more than a few minutes on your CV.

So, you must make those two to three minutes the most impactful moments of their hiring journey. And you can’t make that happen by stuffing your marketing resume with big chunks of undigestable text. The key is nicely decorating it with short paragraphs or even better bullet points to maximize readability.

Not Showcasing Your Impact

Representing your skills and experience is excellent, but go the extra mile by showcasing your produced results. Understand that merely listing down your responsibilities and knowledge isn’t enough. You must prove the results you have brought in your previous workplaces by leveraging your capabilities.

For example: Instead of only stating ‘produced top-quality 90+ blogs in past six months, write ‘produced top-quality 90+ blogs in past six months that boosted 60% more traffic on the website.’ Besides, this tip may not be applicable everywhere, but incorporate it wherever possible. Moreover, quantify your impact by integrating facts and figures among your claims.

Your CV Will Not Attend A Fancy Party

Your CV will not attend any fancy party, so don’t go over the board to make it appear too whimsy. Prevent yourself from meaningless cliches. Instead, include hard facts about your knowledge, experience, and skills. Overly decorating your document with fancy words but intricate content causes confusion for the reader. Thus, the key is to demonstrate what you’ve done for your ex-employer and how it benefited their organization.

Not Paying Enough Heed To Format And Minor Errors

Besides the well-written content, its formatting plays a massive role in shaping a rough draft of a CV into a masterpiece. It can make or break your impression. Opt for a suitable format. Also, never overlook the tiny errors, as too many may decrease the quality of your marketing curriculum vitae.

If you work for hours on your rough draft, over-familiarization with the content may affect your editing abilities. Therefore, outsourcing assistance from an excellent CV editing service in Ireland will let you achieve a well-formatted and flawless resume. The experts know the secret tricks to fuel your success and empower your job-hunting journey.

Listing Down Your Past Every Single Job

The purpose of a resume is not to acquaint HR with the entire timeline of your work history. Instead, it is to present an overview proving why you are the most qualified person for the targeted position. Therefore, there is no need to list every job post you have worked in the past. Thus, only include the relevant ones as you have gained enough experience throughout various fields. However, as a new graduate or have recently switched careers, your irrelevant work history is the only experience you have.

 Giving Your File A Crappy Name

If you want to land a specific position successfully, consider making HR’s life easiest as your mission. Ensure their interaction with your CV is seamless, and take care of minor things too. For example, don’t be like most candidates and give your paper file a proper name. Giving your PDF your official name and title will appear professional and wouldn’t require HR to rename it.


Candidates commit many typical mistakes in their CVs, but we shared the top ten. These blunders can negatively impact your job-securing journey. Therefore try your best to stay away from them. Thus, considering the tips we presented above and the professional assistance of resume experts, you land your desired position.

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