How To Create ATS Friendly Resume In 2023

Creating an ATS-friendly resume in 2023 is all-important for a modern-day job seeker. Why? In today’s tech-driven era, recruiters post job advertisements online and leverage relevant tools. Hiring managers are taking maximum advantage of the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software application. It smoothly well-organizes employers’ recruitment process, from managing job postings to organizing CVs and communicating with candidates.

Applicant Tracking System is drastically booming due to its high-efficiency level. Thus, optimizing your application to become easily scannable and pass the ATS test is crucial. Wondering how to do it? Don’t worry! You’re at the right place, as this post shares eight tips to create your resume accordingly.

8 Best Tips To Optimize Your Resume For ATS In 2023

Pick The Suitable File Type

Though most of us submit our application in PDF format, it is unsuitable for Applicant Tracking System. Therefore, you should opt for an MS Word document or plain text tiles, as both options work great. However, you get minimal design choices when using the .text format. Thus, we suggest you create a Word template for yourself.

Prevent Inserting Vital Information In The Header Or Footer

The Applicant Tracking System is not good at parsing information within the sections of a header or footer. About 25% of the time, it fails to detect the candidates’ contact information within these sections. Imagine you’re perfectly qualified for a specific position but failed to make it because the tool couldn’t identify your contact data.

We are sure you would not want it to happen, so display all necessary information outside the header and footer. And if you will increase the odds of landing your desired position, consider the expert’s help. Reach out to any top professional CV writing service in Ireland and convey your demands. The specialized resume makers will deliver the most captivating marketing document at an affordable rate before the deadline.

Target Keywords Of The Job Description

You can’t use a universal CV for job hunting and expect to land a good position. Applying for employment at various companies with a one-size-fits-all resume is a poor practice for numerous candidates. And if you also have indulged in it, it is time to say no to a universal marketing document.

The best way is to analyze the job description and customize your application accordingly. Carefully examine the specifications and highlight the target keywords. Use those words naturally throughout your skill, work experience, and accomplishments sections. Repeat the target keywords twice or thrice to help you stick out by the Applicant Tracking System.

Avoid Images, Charts, & Other Graphics

Unfortunately, ATS can’t read any visual file, be it an image, a simple logo, a chart, or even infographics. So, if you have been trying to impress recruiters with your cool-looking CV, packed with visual content, hold on! This way, it will never make it to a hiring manager. You must submit your application to the tool first, so avoid including graphics and unnecessary elements. Moreover, you can create another striking version of your marketing document and carry it along for the interviews.

Customize Your CV Headline And File Name

Suppose you want to grab the hiring manager’s and ATS’s attention instantly, so include a job role in the headline. This way, you will effortlessly appear whenever they seek a particular position. For instance, if you’re applying as a content writer, your headline should show something like, ‘Content Writer with six years of blogging experience’.

Apart from that, many Applicant Tracking Systems also rate the file names of candidates. Around 80% of the files have the title ‘resume’, whereas only a handful are named appropriately. So, make sure your file title has your name along with the employment position in your file. However, it is a minor detail but powerful enough to help you stand out in the tool. It also boosts your chances of showing up in front of a human recruiter.

Choose ATS-Friendly Fonts

Besides the CV template and file format, fonts are also weighty. Don’t try to select the wrong option to make their application all pretty. Instead, choose ATS-friendly fonts, such as Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Garamond and Georgia, which are easily readable. Besides, the correct size is 10 to 12, depending on your content and selected style.

Besides, you may not have enough work experience and tech-friendly CV creation skills if you just got your degree. In such a scenario, taking a helping hand from any graduate CV help agency is the wisest decision ever. The maestros will present you most profoundly through your application and make your way to the interview.

Organize Your Sections Correctly

Applicant Tracking System can’t read or organize playful headings like ‘What I am great at’. Therefore, keep your subheadings basic and arrange the content accurately, such as ‘Work Experience’, ‘Skills’, and ‘Education.’ Again, it is a minor tip but can significantly impact. So, give it a shot.

Double-Check Your Resume For Any Errors

Once you correctly follow all the above tips and create ATS friendly resume, move on to the last step. Proofreading! The flaws within your application can hinder the tool’s analysis process. Therefore, double-check all sorts of errors, whether grammatical or spelling. Leverage free grammar-checking tools in this case.

Also, ensure the language throughout your application is clear, concise, and professional. Less is more, in this case, so always take a minimalistic approach. You can also consider the assistance of expert proofreaders and editors to upgrade your CV to a flawless masterpiece.

Summing Up

Many hiring managers are using tools to accelerate their recruiting process. So, if you, as a job hunter are, wishing to land on a dream position, optimizing your application is a must. Thus, we enlightened you with the eight best tips to create ATS friendly resume in 2023. Let’s quickly sum up all of them! Always choose a suitable file type like MS Word and fonts like Arial, Calibri, Cambria, and Garamond. Prevent inserting necessary information in the header or footer, and avoid using photos or other graphics. Customize your CV and file name, plus organize your resume with primary headings. Moreover, pick out target keywords from the job ad and use them in the content twice or thrice. Lastly, proofread your marketing document to make it impressively flawless

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