Top 04 Highest Paying Jobs In Cork, Ireland

Are you looking for highest paid jobs to make some extra money and fulfill your dreams in 2023?

We’ve compiled a list of the top 4 highest paying jobs in Cork-Ireland in different roles so you can earn more income and have a healthy work-life balance.

Indeed, you have to struggle a lot for attaining a dream job as there is great competition for the highest-paying job opportunities. Nevertheless, if you have a strong portfolio and put your expertise to work, then no one can stop you from landing some great opportunities.

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So let’s get the gears turning, without wasting any more time.

04 Lucrative Jobs In Cork, Ireland You Cannot Resist

1: Accountant

From keeping a track of all financial records to managing the income & expenses of a company, an accountant has to fulfill a broad set of responsibilities that revolve around financial activities. You have a high potential for this job if you have the propensity for mathematical calculations, record maintenance, and revolve around figures along with great organizational skills. Go and achieve the chance through your mathematical mindset.

2: COO Chief Operating Officer

Acting as a bridge between an organization’s executive branch and the employees, and other executives is an amazing opportunity for sure. Right? That’s the most exciting thing about the role of COO as he is the second person in a company’s hierarchal chain. Human resource management, quality control and operations management are some of the functions that can increase the chances of your employability.

3: VP of Engineering

Highly paid jobs for professionals are so highly compensated primarily due to the reason of performing multiple job responsibilities. Being in charge of not only the supervision of technical aspects but also overseeing administrative activities below the CEO is not that easy for such an extremely demanding position. As this domain is very competitive, you need to hire the best CV writers in cork to get selected.

4: Head of Compliance/Risk Management:

No doubt a mind for numbers is helpful since the bulk of both professions’ activity deals with calculations. This profession is for those who can manage risk and conclude to positive deals by assessing and consulting companies on potential threats to their profitability. Besides this, solid interpersonal skills and attention to detail for avoiding unnecessary fines are extremely beneficial.


There’s no doubt that attaining such jobs can be extremely overwhelming. Beyond this blog article, do you know there is a list of jobs waiting for you? Explore all of the ways that can land you in finding these positions and support you in your job search. Approach experts and get your resume written from the perspective of an expert career coach to present for an interview. Without boundaries, you can fly high and compete with those of your position.

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