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What Are The Top 8 Tips To Write A Good CV For Ireland’s Market?

A CV can have a powerful impact on your professional opportunities in the job market of Ireland. If you are looking for a good position but cannot find one, the reason can be your poor vitae. A resume is the first thing a hiring manager notices about you, which can lead to your acceptance or rejection. It can be possible that you are the perfect fit for a specific open seat, and you apply for it but still, get rejected.

It may happen because you failed to market yourself correctly in the CV despite having all the relevant qualities. Writing a professional and persuasive resume is an art that can be mastered with accurate knowledge and practice. Only then will your curriculum vitae be selected for an interview and might land you your desired position. Thus, we will share eight tips to write the best resume and thrive in Ireland’s market.

8 Easy Tips To Write The Best Resume For Ireland’s Market

Keep The Length As Precise As Possible

Candidates often add every minute and considerable detail about themselves to attract employers. They don’t understand that the recruiters have piles of resumes to scan through before making the final hiring decision.

Besides, they also have other responsibilities to look after. Therefore their strict schedule allows them only a few minutes for every CV. Thus, professional Irish CV writers suggest keeping your document’s length as precise as possible. It should be one to two pages long and contain no unnecessary details.

Follow The Relevant Proper Format

Many candidates neglect the importance of formatting within the CV when it is vital to highlight the major areas of your background. Moreover, it also urges the recruiter to keep reading. Most importantly, the formatting can make a difference between getting an interview and not. Therefore, pay attention to this tip and follow the proper formatting style suitable for your industry.

Tailor Your Resume Following The Job Description

Stop using the universal CV for all your job applications, as this is sure to leave a wrong impression of yours on the recruiter. They should feel your urge to get the position while reading your document. It is only possible when you make every single effort to tailor your resume following the job description. Thus, examine all the details of the requirements for a post and jot down all the essential points. Use them to align your curriculum vitae according to it to make a strong positive impression.

Choose The Right Font To Showcase Your Professionalism

Don’t use complex or stylish fonts such as comic sans to make your document eye-appealing. It will appear childish, affect readability, and make you look unprofessional. Instead, choose suitable fonts such as Times New Roman and Calibri to give a powerful touch of professionalism. Plus, these fonts are easily readable.

Take A Minimalistic Approach

Take a minimalistic approach to your document by including all the impactful information and excluding the unnecessary ones. Avoid giving extra space to your between words. For example, if you see the work of executive CV writing experts, you’ll notice that they keep resumes as neat, clean, and tidy as possible.

Display The Achievements Using Size And Percentage

The hiring manager want to know about your achievements so they can efficiently decide. Therefore, whenever you display your achievements, put a specific size on it by mentioning the percentage.

Suppose you played a leadership role in the past and increased that company’s productivity. Now, you are applying for it elsewhere once again. So you can use percentages to describe how much you increased past company’s efficiency, such as ‘up to 30%’. Be honest while showcasing all your achievements.

Carefully And Creatively Include All Your Skills

Generally, the interviewer asks two kinds of questions:

The first is what you do and have done during your previous jobs.

The second query you have to answer is what you are good at and what you can offer better than others. In other words, you have to describe all your skills in the resume carefully. Instead of including the typical statements such as ‘good communicator’ or ‘excellent collaborative skills, ’ use your creative mind to add your five to seven unique skills. Plus, ensure those points are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Eliminate All Sorts Of Errors

Even a few minor errors are enough to decrease your chances to land on your dream job. You should carefully examine the final draft of your marketing document and proofread it to eliminate all sorts of errors. However, if you doubt your proofreading skills, you can look to professional proofreaders to do the job. Ensure no grammar errors, misspellings, or omissions are there and you have provided the correct contact information.


These eight tips will help you polish your CV writing skills according to Ireland’s market. Utilize them while crafting your marketing document to let you stand among the other candidates and grab the best employment opportunities. Plus, if you are feeling stuck at any point, feel free to knock on the doors of CV writing experts. Thanks for reading!

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