How to Select A Professional Resume Writer

The Ultimate Guide to Select the Most Suitable Executive CV Writer

If you haven’t selected a CV writer before, read this blog and make the selection process easier for yourself.

In this blog, we have shared how you can choose a perfect resume writer as per your needs and preferences.

We know – you must be wondering if investing in a CV writing service is a good idea or not and how you can trust a third party to develop an important document on your behalf.

Well, this piece of writing gives answers to all your queries. So, without wasting time, just dive straight into the strategies and have all the answers in your hiring bag pack!

Top 9 Strategies to Choose the Best Resume Writer

Strategy Number 1: Go for Recommendations

There are numerous CV writers available who claim that they have in-depth experience and are guaranteeing satisfaction to you. But the question is, how do you select one? The answer is to go for recommendations and referrals first.

Why? Because anyone can put up a fake website and could scam you. Therefore, this is one of the best ways to hire professional as well as reliable resume writers. This will save your search time and already has a trust factor that will give you peace of mind.

Strategy Number 2: Do a Background Check

When hiring a CV writer, a background check is a sure shot. A qualified resume writer possesses the ability to showcase your skills and experience in a way that impresses your recruiters. That’s why you should ensure that the writer has the right background, qualifications, credentials, degree, etc. Also, check whether the writer is certified or not.

Moreover, jot down the other qualifications you should look for to get a wonderful resume that catches the eyes of recruiters and hiring managers.

Strategy Number 3: Possess Knowledge of the Field

As you know, every CV has different requirements. The formatting, tone, language and template standard all vary based on the job role, geography or the field. Hence, it is important to see whether the writer you are hiring possesses knowledge of the field or not. As what works in your area might not work in other fields.

Also, experts who demonstrate this knowledge can help you outshine your CV most appropriately. They provide a tailored resume, which is better and quite helpful in increasing your chances of reaching a screening stage.

Strategy Number 4: Practices Aligned With Standard

Don’t get shy to ask questions when opting for executive CV help. You have to see whether the writer’s practices are aligned with standards. For example, ask the writer if he provides ATS-friendly resumes. Also, check the procedure and see which approach is more suitable in your context.

For instance, the best resume writer will ask for the documents, i.e. old and new documents, provide you with a comprehensive questionnaire related to CV creation, and do a one-on-one interview to gain insight about you and your career goals.

Strategy Number 5: Having Reviews or Not

Before working with any writer, check the presence of reviews on their site. This simply means – checking their visibility on social media platforms, i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This will give you a sense of authenticity. Also, it will tell you about the person as a whole beyond his experience.

Moreover, you will learn about the writer’s ethics, which will help you make conscious decisions and protect you against any red flags or poor-quality hiring. Therefore, never forget to see reviews and a little self-check.

Strategy Number 6: Availability of Samples

In most cases, the resume samples or portfolio link is attached to the writer’s bio. However, if you don’t find any such thing, ask the writer for the samples first. Also, if it is feasible and the writer gives you liberty, then requesting field-related samples is good. This will give you an idea of word choice, layout, writing style and personalization elements that are targeting your field.

Doing so will help you evaluate the credibility and expertise of the writer and aid you in making the right choice that will make you stand out as an applicant.

Strategy Number 7: Value the Price

After all, hiring an exceptional CV writer is all about valuing the price. It could cost you from a hundred to a thousand dollars. Multiple factors might affect the price of a writer. This includes your target field, level of experience, career switch, or a package offer.

Whatever the reason might be, it’s important to bear in mind that cost is one of the major factors in determining the quality of the final product. You might have heard that you get what you pay for, so it is applicable in most areas, including this.

Strategy Number 8: Providing Drafts and Revisions

We often forget to ask for drafts and revisions. Avoiding this blunder and asking the writer to provide you with drafts and revisions is better. This will give you relief and help you assess whether the writer understood your instructions.

Also, discussing everything before hiring the service is always viable because this avoids any future conflict and helps carry out the whole process smoothly. Further, this strategy aids you in altering the content if needed.

Strategy Number 9: Illogical Claims

The services or writers who provide you with illogical claims are not a good option for consideration. They guarantee an interview within 30 days or offer you some practically impossible, unrealistic offers.

Just think rationally and ask yourself how a writer or service guarantees an interview which is dependent on the company itself and other factors like a pool of more talented candidates than you. Therefore, choose the writer wisely and critically evaluate every aspect of the service he is providing.

Wrap Up!

A resume is an important document, and if you create it on your own, then it is challenging as well as a risky job to do so. Hence, it is better to avail of an online resume-writing service and give your CV a more professional and up-to-date look. Also, just remember you are not alone in this race; many other professionals, beginners and career switchers are taking advantage of the opportunity. Therefore, why don’t you put the paddle on the service and give excel to your career?

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