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6 Highest Paying Jobs In Ireland In 2024

Do you have dreams of $$$ raining in your bank account?

But, you can’t find the right path – or a career opportunity.

Hmm, we knew it!

But what if we reveal that Ireland, famous for its fastest-growing economy, awaits you? Yes, that’s true. This country is located at the best geographic location and has strong connectivity with other countries; thus, it draws numerous global corporations. It is famous for its open economy, business, and skilled workforce. The key sectors that contribute to the Irish economy are finance, agriculture, pharmaceutical, and technology. People with skills in these professions secure high salaries and jobs. If you have a strong educational background with a trait to continuously upgrade your knowledge, then your chances of securing competitive jobs in Ireland would be high. That’s because employers there emphasize skills, qualifications, and certifications.

This blog is a complete guide for you that will help you with your career growth in Ireland. If you are planning to work there or are already working, don’t miss the chance to unleash your dream job. Let’s have a look at the highest-paying jobs in Ireland.

A Look Into High Paying Jobs

Brace yourself to discover the high-paid opportunities in Ireland’s job market. Whether you are looking for your bright career path or just want to know about the different jobs available, we have prepared a list of the top best-paid jobs for you. So, fasten your seat belts to explore. Let’s dive into these industries that will help you to make your career shine bright.

Medical Professionals

After the pandemic, the salary of medical officers was affected. There is a high demand for qualified professionals and better health facilities, but there is not enough growth in the supply of these. Due to this reason, there is a rise in medical officers’ salaries. High-salary jobs are available in Ireland for people from medical backgrounds, especially for those who are specialist professionals like anesthetists, orthopedics, and physicians. Ireland has quality medical research and health care, making it an ideal destination for medical professionals and experts seeking competitive salaries and opportunities.

Banking And Finance

The banking and finance fields in Ireland provide multiple job opportunities. This sector plays a vital role in the country’s economy. Dublin, the city of Ireland, is famous as the center of asset management companies and international banks. This banking area includes jobs like fund managers, risk managers, financial analysts, and investment bankers. If you have a background in these fields but not an attractive resume that describes your skills and expertise well, then you can hire any  CV writing service Ireland. Your CV is key in securing a job and getting recruiters’ attention.

IT Specialists

The world is evolving, and we are witnessing technological changes. Every year, there is a vacancy of 42,400 employees in the IT sector. In Ireland, people with a technical background secure high-paying jobs. These specialists play a crucial part in securing systems from hackers, malware, in addition to other unwanted software. These sector jobs help you in your personal development and career satisfaction.


Ireland’s legal sector is very diverse and offers high salaries to litigation specialists, legal consultants, and corporate lawyers. To get this job, you need to have a professional qualification, and your responsibility is to counsel the clients on their legal rights. Additionally, This sector professional includes contributions to law enforcement and fair justice in society. People with a law degree and expertise attain high salaries and better job opportunities.

Data Scientist

Undoubtedly, data science is among the highest-paying jobs all over the world. Every year, there is a 29% increase in demand for jobs in this field. Ireland has data analytics showing high vacancy and demand for data scientists. The competitive job market of this country is looking for skilled and professional data scientists experts. This sector prominently contributes to boosting the economy of this country.

Business And Management

Ireland offers numerous jobs in management and other business jobs roles like CFO, CEO, and business development director with handsome salary packages. These job roles require specialized skills, advanced degrees, and industry-specific certifications. This area not only contributes to the economy but also to career growth and opportunities. The combination of educational qualifications, competitive salaries, and career progression makes Ireland an ambitious and attractive prospect. Additionally, to maximize your job chances, you need to make a resume that outshines other candidates. Hire any Limerick CV service that is affordable and helps you get an exceptional resume.

Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs pay 100k a year in Ireland?

Many jobs in Ireland have high-scale salary packages. Some of these professions are civil project manager, contracts manager, Sales team lead, and head of any technical department.

Which is the most demanded job in Ireland?

The most high-demand jobs in Ireland are from the banking and finance sector. These job responsibilities include advising businesses on proper investment, helping small businesses manage their profits, and other accounting and finance roles.

What is the best salary to make an average living in Ireland?

If you don’t have family living with you and you are alone, then at least 50,000 Euro per month, excluding taxes, is a good salary to live on. If you are the only breadwinner of a family, then your salary must be twice this amount per year.

4. What qualifications are required to acquire these jobs?

High-salaried jobs require relevant educational degrees or certifications. If you are seeking specialized and executive roles, then a master’s degree is highly preferred. Skills, experience, and a proven track record in the relevant field are also very important for getting a high-salary position.

The Final Notes

So, now you have a clear image of the highest-paying jobs in Ireland. Securing a good job requires lots of skills and knowledge.  Additionally, if you desire to get hired for high-salaried jobs, then make sure that you have skills and expertise that match the desired job. Medical, technical, business and management degrees can help you stand out from other candidates seeking a job.

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