Terms & Conditions
Order Cancellation

Order can only be canceled within 24 hours. An order canceled after 24 hours will not be catered to. This is because the order requires customization and as soon as the order is placed, the writers start working. The end moment back out from the customer’s end demotivates the CV writers. To protect their rights, and calm the number of non-seriousness of the order placers, we have forged this policy.

Revision Policy

CV Writing Services Ireland is known for being highly customer-centric and focusing on customer experience. The basic purpose of our service is to support job seekers in getting their desired jobs and to help them achieve their dreams, our team does not mind walking the extra mile. Returning the best value against the money is another purpose of our existence in this industry. Therefore, CV Writing Service offers free revisions on every order, followed by the following terms and conditions.

Free revisions will be ah1plicable, if:

  • The quality isn’t up to the par, like, there are grammatical or spelling errors,
  • The writer did not incorporate the information shared by you,
  • The writer added the wrong information to your document,
  • Anything you shared with us was not entered into the document,

Free revisions will not be applicable, if:

  • The buyer expects the whole document to be revised because they forgot to mention certain information in the beginning,
  • The feedback from the client’s end is unclear like, “I am not liking it”,
  • The buyer is not active during the communication,
  • The buyer fails to secure a job, because securing a job depends upon several factors like how you performed in the interview, and your qualification, experience, etc.

Revision Policy Pointers to Remember:

A new deadline needs to determine for the revision. In case the job opening deadline crosses, CV Writing Service will not be liable,

All requirements need to be pen down in one attempt. Additional requirements will require the buyer to wait until one cycle of revision is completed

Refund Policy

CV Writing Services Ireland is one of the most customer-favorable companies that work to earn satisfied customers instead of money. This can be vouched by our refund policies which allow a 100% refund to the buyer in certain situations. To avail refund, one or more of the following situations needs to be satisfied:

  • The order was delivered past the deadline,
  • The delivered order was copied,
  • The delivered order was not prepared according to the standards,
  • The delivered order was not what was requested,
  • The buyer was subjected to payment twice, mistakenly,
  • No refunds shall be made if a buyer fails to secure an interview or a job. This is because jobs and interviews are secured depending upon several factors,

Refund against canceled order is processed only if the order is canceled within 24 hours.

Privacy Policy

The privacy of the buyer is respected under rigorous privacy policies to make sure the buyer is comfortable working with us. If you have doubts, have a look at our privacy policies, crafted to cater to the buyers specifically.

All of the collected information would stay highly confidential with us. No one will ever come to know that you sought help from us.

The information won’t be shared with anyone else, including third parties like advertising agencies.